Constitution and Rules of Order of the Ohio Valley Spiritualist Missionary Association. Also Rules for Conducting Spirit Circles. SPIRITUALISM.

Constitution and Rules of Order of the Ohio Valley Spiritualist Missionary Association. Also Rules for Conducting Spirit Circles

Cincinnati: H. Watkin, Printer, 1888.

4" x 5.75" booklet, 15 pp, in original printed wrappers. Chipped at corners, wrappers split at spine, contents very good. Although Spiritualists were often zealous promoters of their beliefs, they rarely called themselves missionaries.This may not have been the only Spiritualist missionary society, but if not, it was one of very few. The Association was incorporated "For the purpose of inculcating the doctrine and promoting the principles of Spiritualism, in its moral and religious aspects, by employing missionaries through whose powers and labors the demonstrations of a life beyond the grave may be manifested in a most unquestionable manner." Most of the Articles of Incorporation are standard rules regarding the appointment and duties of officers and trustees, quorum, minutes, etc. However, Article XII, notes that the Society will employ "Speakers or Mediums...who shall endeavor to awaken an interest in neighborhoods where Spiritualism has not yet taken a foothold, organize new Societies, strengthen weak ones, and perform the rites of marriages and interment within the limits of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky." And Article XIII says that "any person holding to the doctrine of communication of spirits with mortals may become a member of this Society" upon payment of annual dues of one dollar. Most intriguing are the formal rules for conducting spirit circles (gatherings of people wanting to contact the dead). These include instructions for selecting the individuals who compose the circle (they should not be diseased or "marked by repulsive points of either physical or mental condition," nor should any "person of a strong positive temperament" be included, "as any such magnetic spheres emanating from the circle will overpower that of the spirits"). recommendations for lighting and heating of the room, length of seance, and handling of interruptions. The medium is advised to always follow any "strong impression to write, speak, sing, dance, or gesticulate," and given instruction in how to handle dark or evil spirits ("strive to elevate them, and treat them as you would mortals under similar circumstances"). And more. Not recorded in OCLC.

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