The Last Come Down! Only Twenty Dollars for a Full Set of Teeth! DENTISTRY, F. T. Grimes.

The Last Come Down! Only Twenty Dollars for a Full Set of Teeth!

[Liberty, Missouri].

Undated, 1880s. Small broadside, 6 1/4 x 9/ 3/8 inches, printed with ca. 350 words surrounded by an ornamental border. Fine.

The industrious Dr. Grimes was editor of the periodical Dental Brief (published in St. Louis beginning in 1882) and seller of dental alloys, cement, rubber solder, and various dental tools and equipment. Here he offers "to make entire upper or lower sets of Artificial Teeth on the Hard Rubber or Vulcanized Base for the small sum of twenty dollars." After demonstrating how low his prices are by quoting the terms of his license from the Goodyear Vulcanite Company, he offers a timeline for the work: "teeth should be extracted from three to five months before inserting Teeth. Temporary sets can be inserted three or four weeks after extracting. He concludes "I am prepared to perform all other operations in Dental Surgery in a most durable manner, such as cleaning, filling, removing tartar from the teeth, correcting irregularities, &c. Chloroform, ether, the Anaesthetic Spray and Nitrous Oxide administered for the extraction of teeth without pain. Operations warranted. Terms, Cash."

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