Item #19142 Loma Linda Sanitarium. HEALTH CALIFORNIA.
Loma Linda Sanitarium

Loma Linda Sanitarium

Cover title: Loma Linda California, For Health and Pleasure. Undated, c. 1910. 5 x 6.75 inches, stapled wrappers with embossed title. [16] pp, with many half-tone illustrations from photographs. Light foxing and soiling, slightly musty. Promotional booklet for this Adventist health resort east of Los Angeles, incorporated in 1905. After describing the grounds (with their views of mountains and citrus groves) and facilities (offering steam heat, electric lights, private baths, and pure artesian and mountain snow water), the text offers a brief overview of the Sanitarium's model of treatment and information on transportation and rates. Following the model of its "parent institution," John Harvey Kellogg's Battle Creek Sanitarium, Loma Linda offered "massage and mechanical movements, baths of all kinds, including the famous Electric Light and the Nauheim baths, packs, fomentations, salt glows, vapors, medicated baths, sprays, general local douches, and electricity--static, galvanic, and faradic."

Item #19142


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