Frustration Politics and the Allentown Incident. Stephen R. Chamberlain, Carol Ferrari, Dennis Hoerner, Wells Huston, John S. Nihart, William Silver.

Frustration Politics and the Allentown Incident

Buffalo, NY: Six-Fourteen-Seventy, Inc., 1971.

Trade paperback, 72 pp. Fine. A detailed analysis of clashes between police and crowds attending an arts festival in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo, NY on June 14, 1970. Sources differ on who started the incident, but it is clear that spectators to the arrest of a disorderly person threw rocks and bottles at the police and the police responded with extensive use of tear gas, sending many people -- including small children -- to the hospital and leaving the community outraged at what was perceived as an excessive response. The authors combed through approximately 200 affidvits from people who were present as well as extensive media coverage of the incident and concluded that both police and politicians refused to concede that mistakes had been made and that the news media unquestioningly accepted the official narrative.

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